Ba 'ha mut

illustration, branding
Release date 
December 2015

When you open a book for the first time, it’s like you are facing a microcosm made of rules which are different from the common ones: those are the laws of the ones who have imagined, who have wrote, who have designed. In this case, four worlds that met themselves among the screens of a communication agency in the heart of Turin are waiting for you.

sixeleven is a professional reality built with dedication over the years, but is also an approach to things, an effort of a free interpretation of reality, a space of physical and mental meeting that welcomes people and invites them to discuss, to question and to know themselves. It doesn’t matter if they have been sitting at a desk for years or they are just passing through: their value lies in the ability to express their voice with honesty, responsibility and freedom. A book born in the rooms and from an idea of sixeleven, which aims to land and to live somewhere else: on trains, on the tables of home at night, on the road, on Sunday morning, at night.

In the following pages, four different universes meet in an open dialogue, which does not claim to tell a theme, but to investigate it with conscience. A journey of exploration strongly wanted and supported by sixeleven, in full respect of every single voice, with the hope of reaching the only possible result: a dissonant and alive chorus, vibrant and true, multifaceted and unique.