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The Drupal Association, based in Portland USA, is a non-profit organization that supports the spread of the open-source Drupal CMS software, promoting its growth within the impressive world community that has decided to adopt it as a platform for the development of digital projects.

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April 2017 - April 2018

One year on from the designation as Design Partner for the DrupalCon of Vienna, the Drupal Association has invited us to join a tender for a branding project even more remarkable and ambitious. Objective: the creation of a brand new DrupalCon brand, able to represent in a unique and distinctive way the values of an event that, twice a year, brings together the community of experts and neophytes interested in confronting and growing the platform.

A logo that uniquely identified DrupalCon, in fact, never existed and the distinctive droplet of Drupal dressed up, over time, with graphic elements that strongly recalled the host city. The result was the total fragmentation of the image with which, over the years, DrupalCon presented itself to the community in the two annual appointments, European and North American.

The first step to give life to the main concept was to identify the values that characterize the event to make them the basis of a strong brand identity: dynamism, growth, propensity to a technological evolution, and most of all the presence of an enthusiastic and cohesive community.

To this new challenge, sixeleven responds with a branding project that sees the interaction of two elements, technological and human, as evidenced by the new tagline accompanying the logo with the purpose of telling the DrupalCon mission:

Be Human, Think Digital.

Geometric shapes like the hexagon and the texture made of colored prisms represent the modularity and therefore the growth opportunities that the Drupal platform supports. Inside, we find the drop, slightly revised but still recognizable, that symbolizes the natural, fluid, living, human aspect represented by the community. The result is a fresh, colorful and multifaceted image, versatile in its declinations on all online and offline communication materials that will wear the event.

DrupalCon brand identity
DrupalCon brand identity
DrupalCon brand identity