Branding project for an incentive travel

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Innovative and ever-evolving business reality established in 1946, CATI is one of the leading companies in Italy for the distribution of auto parts and services in support of the work of rebuilders.

art direction, logo, video
Release date 
April 2017

The goal was to give a visual identity to the incentive travels for Cati - a reference point in the automotive industry for manufacturers and spare parts dealers - by developing a branding strategy that includes logo, save the date, video and communication equipment for on-site set-ups.

As for the square-shaped logo, we have created two new icons, respectively born of the rotation and duplication of the original, telling the two types of travel, both of great value but with different characteristics. On one hand, the 12-pointed star - always a symbol of quality and exclusivity - represents the travels "from this side of the world"; on the other hand, we have the evolution of the sign in a 24-pointed diamond that characterizes the travels "from the other side of the world" and which still testifies the preciousness of the holiday offered. Color also differentiates the two proposals, but always within a range of shades associated with prestige. The silver star and the diamond gold, more than an internal hierarchy, refer to the idea of a precious, dedicated object, as a gift designed specifically for the person who receives it.

All these values also move the concept at the base of the save the date, where the most important message is that the uniqueness of the location reflects the exclusivity of this dream holiday. There is the sea, so the natural aspect, there is an enchanting scenery, and there is also luxury, because the guest house is equipped with every type of comfort.

As for the video, finally, starting with the aerial images made with a drone, we added some suggestions that characterize the Bintan facility, from the spectacular spa on the promontory to the golf club.

CATI branding project
CATI branding project
CATI branding project
CATI branding project