Alpitour World S.p.A.

Catalogs production

Main character 

Karambola, Volando, Sportime, Alpitour, Francorosso, Viaggidea

layout, graphic design, art direction
Release date 
2009 - present

Versatility, accuracy and consistency are the basis of our efforts aimed at the realization of the holiday catalogs of the Group, since the requests range from the simple layout of textual content and photographs, supported by the use of the DAM interface for a more rapid files transmission, to restyle interventions or creation of layouts from scratch.

The coordination service makes us directly involved in the management and the organization of a team job, in order to define a close and constant cooperation with the Customer.
The graphic interventions are the result of a thorough knowledge of the philosophy and the values ​​of the different brands, from the ones specialized in low-cost offerings directed to a younger and smart market to the ones that suggest tailor-made proposals and address a more demanding
and exclusive kind of customer.