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Corporate communication - DrupalCon 2017, Vienna

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The Drupal Association, based in Portland USA, is a non-profit organization that supports the spread of the open-source Drupal CMS software, promoting its growth within the impressive world community that has decided to adopt it as a platform for the development of digital projects.

art direction, brand identity, illustration, advertising, web design
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September 2016 - September 2017

Flexibility, innovation, enthusiasm and the desire to work together for a common goal: these are the values ​​underlying the universe of Drupal, the open source CMS platform widely adopted for the development of prestigious corporate and institutional websites, from the White House to Fox Entertainment. Since its birth, sixeleven chose Drupal as a framework for building web projects, participating enthusiastically in the growth of a community that meets every year at the DrupalCons, the leading events dedicated to the platform.

This is why, the day the Drupal Association has entrusted us with the task of Design Partner 2017 for the edition of the next DrupalCon Europe to be held in Vienna, the enthusiasm was uncontainable. So, what does it mean for us to have been chosen as Design Partner of a major event such as the DrupalCon Europe? A growth chance, an opportunity for visibility and networking on an international level and a large coordinated communication project which allows us to leverage the versatility of our skills. For the 2017 European DrupalCon, the need is to create and implement a visual integrated strategy, starting with the definition of a graphic concept which must be declined on all communication medias to represent an international event: from the signposting and the preparation of the location to the communication in print; from the merchandise to the website design that will lead the whole edition. Designing a visual identity and developing it into a multi-channel strategy has always been the challenge that fascinates us the most, because it allows us to express the nature of sixeleven.

But these are just the first steps of the tight scheduling that will keep us busy in the next months. The design process began with the sharing of a fundamental document of inspirations useful to develop a graphic concept that should both reflect the values ​​of the Drupal Association and be welcomed by the local community. As a creation of an ongoing constructive dialog, the image that sixeleven relized for DrupalCon 2017 synthesizes some of the elements which belong to the elegant cultural tradition of Vienna, the continuous drive for innovation that moves the community and the spirit of an artistic movement devoted to avant-garde - the Wiener Secession - from which it takes clear inspiration in the lines and the floral motifs.

DrupalCon 2017, Vienna
DrupalCon 2017 Vienna