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GAI. The Circuit of the Young Italian Artists is an Association that documents activities, offers services and organizes promotional and educational opportunities for young people working in the fields of creativity, arts and entertainment.

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January 2015

Promoter of the Movin’Up competition, which for several years now has been supporting economically the circuitry of the Italian artists across the world, the GAI Association has wanted to integrate, since the last session of the call, a project that would give a broader view of the works realized at the international inviting authorities. The sixeleven idea materializes in a platform that implements, for each artist, a sort of digital blog that allows the site visitors – thanks to the incorporation of a Twitter tab - to follow the development of the works in real-time. The overall project is realized in partnership with the Scuola Holden - Storytelling & Performing Arts in Turin, which for the occasion offers some new graduates the opportunity to increase the projects with reports and interviews.