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IPE s.r.l A prestigious Company that, over its fifty years history, has stated as a solid Italian interior design and luxury living leader. In 2004 the brand Visionnaire came to life with the aim of proposing a brand new concept of luxury furniture, more oriented towards fashion and lifestyle.

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Release date 
April 2015

One year after the launch of the website  visionnaire-home.com sees the light the e-shop section, last crucial piece that fits and completes the ambitious project to enhance the web presence undertaken by Visionnaire, with the strategic and technical support of sixeleven.
The e-shop section is a careful selection of items, well-structured in product groups, made available for purchasing.

The choices of art direction move once again in compliance with the Visionnaire philosophy, always looking for a lifestyle that transcends the individual elements and lives on the synergies they can create. Similarly, the users can freely navigate among the products, with suggestions based on affinity. This experience, more traditional, is supported by a more dreamlike one, based on suggestions: the Total Look, born to create thematic connections among the items and inspired each time by a different concept. We can find the symbolism of the Secret Garden, the atmosphere of the Golden Age, the charm of the glacial World of Narnia, not to mention the look of pure excitement and wonder that the brand Visionnaire always accompanies with the quality of Made in Italy.

The new e-commerce section was developed as an extension of the same technology platform, Drupal, to support the main site. This approach has allowed us to centralize products informations, stored in a repository main media used in different contexts for the description of the setting and the actual product sheets of the items on sale.
The suite of Drupal Commerce has been deeply customized to achieve real-time dialogue with the information systems of the customer

visionnaire e-shop
visionnaire e-shop
visionnaire e-shop