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GAI. The Circuit of the Young Italian Artists is an Association that documents activities, offers services and organizes promotional and educational opportunities for young people working in the fields of creativity, arts and entertainment.

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October 2012

A professional co-operation since 2009, in order to ensure a constant growth of the GAI online presence. Its steady growth started from the re-styling of its website, built on open source CMS Drupal, that allows full interaction within the community of young artists registered on the site.

The result is a more basic and clean website aimed at achieving greater usability of the contents and structures. Competitions, news, and the artists’ profiles and works are now easier to access. The amount of users has increased 160% in a year and a half.

Our "One Day Show" initiative played an important role in the communication of the switch to the new version. On the eve of the launch, the website was replaced for a day by a large slide-show of selected works. The operation not only allowed users to not perceive the down of the site, but also involved the artists themselves, making them an active part of the whole launch.