Xplore Tour Operator

integrated communication

Main character 

XPLORE Tour Operator. Born in 2002 thanks to the lucky intuition of two young entrepreneurs from Turin, is specialized in outgoing tourism in the United States. XPLORENEWYORK.it was the first project. In 2010 XPLOREAMERICA.it, which embraces all the United States, came to life. 2010 is the year of the third offshoot, XPLORECANADA.it.

graphic design

Close travel companions, Sixeleven and Xplore have shared, over the years, more than just a website.

When we created the online catalogs of America, New York and Canada, for example, the goal was cling to that "easy" mood and the informal, young tour operator target.

A challenge that closely resembles the one that we undertook with "The Greatest Party On Earth", the celebrating party for the Xplore 10 years activity, of which we entirely looked after the whole communication structure: poster presentation, stickers, flyers and banners.

As for the catalogs, we favoured a more fun, but undoubtedly high-impact, communicative mood, making them useful to read or even only to leaf through.

In the second case
, however, we've been inspired by the deepest "New York" spirit of the party in order to create a communicative collage able to recall the "Coney Island Circus" settings and its classic, colorful protagonists.