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BigMat is the italian leader for all that concerns the construction and the maintenance of the house. BigMat Cossa Ltd is a company with deep roots in the Piedmont territory and has spent the past 20 years satisfying the needs of both large building professionals and individuals looking for solutions for their home.

art direction, branding, advertising, graphic design, copywriting
Release date 
Da settembre 2014 ad oggi

In the construction industry, where the advertisements are often essential and strictly focused on the sales, sixeleven bets on a communication strategy with an unconventional concept, which aims to inspire a sense of the house unusual and totally unexpected. The house is like a woman who needs to be courted, as evidenced by the creativity, both minimal in terms of graphic and strong in terms of content: a real declaration of love to convince all the fans of DIY that BigMat Cossa is the right supplier for those who love their home and want to take care of it to the fullest.

campagna comunicazione edilizia
campagna comunicazione edilizia