JAM - Brand identity

Main character 

Jam Sound School, the music school that is increasingly becoming a reference point thanks to its 360° modern music valorization, which is lived as a social and cultural experience, both for grown ups and children.

art direction, advertising, copywriting
Release date 
August 2017

sixeleven worked on the Jam Sound School restyling (operating with all of its branches in San Mauro, Giaveno and Ivrea) to create a coordinated image that would better represents the school identity and reality.

The logo was studied with the objective of implementing a visual relation with the Altre Arti Association, where the school belongs: the creation of a family feeling that could unify the two different realities from the design and the promotion sides.

Starting from the logo was then realized a various but homogeneous system of signs through different graphic declinations that are used to brand the activities JAM helds (school activities, music therapy, shows).

The project also comprehends the payoff and visual creation to promote courses, and the structure of its first social media campaigns.

JAM Sound School
JAM Sound School