Alpitour World S.p.A.

Karambola catalog: cover photo shoot

Main character 

Alpitour World S.p.A., leading Italian tour operator. The Karambola brand is aimed at a young, informal and dynamic traveler.

art direction, branding, graphic design, photographic post-production, photo-retouch
Release date 
September 2014

Watchword: sharing. The concept of the new Karambola winter 2014-2015 catalog cover is inspired by the digital revolution that has profoundly changed the way people experience the holiday: the journey is now an experience to tell and share with friends on social networks. Thus, the cover of the catalog becomes a real iPad, in which a group of friends on a beach takes a selfie to capture a moment of pure fun. The graphic expedients, that recall the most common tablets and the “touch” universe in general, ride the wave of a contemporary phenomenon absolutely in tune with the target of the tour operator.

karambola cover
karambola cover