Alpitour World S.p.A.

Karambola restyling project

Main character 

Alpitour World S.p.A., leading Italian tour operator. The Karambola brand is aimed at a young, informal and dynamic traveler.

advertising, branding, layout, catalogs, logo, photography
Release date 
February 2014

The Karambola restyling project was in the wind for some time: the brand has changed over the years, as well as the market and the target audience. That means that a brand positioned in a cheap (in the best sense of the term) and young market sector must have a coordinated and solid image in support of its “smart and easy” ideals, which in recent years of large digital revolutions have taken different meanings than those of ten years ago. It has been an important route, and we’re proud to have reached the finish line with a successful and satisfying overall work.

Karambola Logo
Karambola Catalog
Karambola Catalog
Karambola Catalog
Karambola Catalog
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