123IMPRIM Italia

Marketing plan

Main character 

123IMPRIM is one of the major players in the French market as regards the online printing of stickers, banners and panels. In 2016 it began to expand its activities in Italy.

Brand reputation, digital marketing, online content management, traditional marketing, advertising
Release date 
October 2016

Market leader in France in terms of online printing, 123IMPRIM has decided to open up to the Italian market with its main products, and has entrusted sixeleven with the beginning of its activities, the positioning and the brand reputation. Firstly we took care of the translation of some specific contents of the three websites 123adesivi.com, 123pannelli.com, 123striscioni.com and the start of some web marketing operations through newsletters sendings.

In a second phase, then, the commitment of sixeleven has extended to a more complex project of digital marketing, with the setting of campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook and, in parallel, to a first-level support for the customers of the group and the and monitoring of the orders from Italy.

In addition to the online activities, sixeleven also follows, for 123IMPRIM Italia, all the offline marketing activities, always targeting its main and most interesting interlocutor: the world of B2B.