Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso

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Protected area established by the State as well as first Italian national park, the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso is an Institution aimed at the conservation of the ecosystems of the valleys around the Gran Paradiso massif. Almost a century of passion for nature, with a rich and diverse program of activities.

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Release date 
Summer 2016

sixeleven collaborates with the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso from the creation of the website in 2010. After six years, we have taken a step forward in the web presence of the institution with an even more engaging approach towards the new release of the multilingual site, developed on the CMS open source platform Drupal.

We took care of the concept development, the reorganization of content and the implementation of the layout. As with the previous version, sixeleven was inspired, in its choices, by the many purposes of the Institution: the management and the safeguard of the protected area, the maintenance of the biodiversity of the land and its landscape, the scientific research, the environmental education, the development and promotion of a sustainable tourism.

Plus, we decided to give large space to the suggestion and the involvement of the users. The website has a modern design with an updated graphics: the emotional content have even greater weight, such as the background videos that animate the openings of the various sections and the rich photo galleries. The great success achieved by the Park social channels  (130.000 likes on Facebook) has guided the choice of highlighting the possibility to share individual content on Google+ and Twitter. The website is multi-device, with a responsive design which allows a better experience for users of smartphones and tablets.