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IPE s.r.l A prestigious Company that, over its fifty years history, has stated as a solid Italian interior design and luxury living leader. In 2004 the brand Visionnaire came to life with the aim of proposing a brand new concept of luxury furniture, more oriented towards fashion and lifestyle.

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Release date 
March 2011

The Visionnaire collection, sold in 90 Countries, has a network of 20 mono-brand stores worldwide and counts more than 2,000 exclusive pieces, born from the collaboration of a solid team of eclectic and forward-looking designers.

The aim was therefore to provide designers and commercials with a practical tool able to facilitate the consultation of the product catalog.
Our solution: an application that, through authentication, allows the online consultation of over 700 products including cards, photographs and technical drawings, also accessible through an offline ready-to-install version, via Adobe AIR technology.