People Vacations Tour Operator

People Vacations Tour Operator - Branding strategy

Main character 

People Vacations Tour Operator is a newly born tourism operator, led by industry professionals who have gained experience in various areas of the tourism industry, in order to ensure quality and service in every moment of the holiday.

branding, art direction, logo, corporate identity, copywriting
Release date 
May 2015

In the increasingly competitive world of the tourism industry a new subject turned to sixeleven to create its own brand identity and differentiate itself from possible competitors in the sector.
The target on which the image was built is that of a 30/40-year old cosmopolitan, eager to learn, resourceful and practical. The starting point of our reflections, suggested by the customer, was the naming People, who led all our creative choices, starting from the elaboration of a payoff able to express the added value of the new brand: the People, indeed. People who travel, people who sell travel, people who organize trips: people "at the center of every trip".

The logo therefore invokes the concept of center and has born from the search of empathy and softness of the stroke. The colors reflect the mission of the tour operator: the yellow-orange communicates the joy, the warmth and the positivity of the holiday, while the institutional blue expresses professionalism and experience. Their interaction, in a more intuitive and immediate reading level, suggests the meeting of sun and sea. In the graphic sign we find the concept of travel in the circular shape that recalls a world, but also the dynamism of a wave, a hug, a whirlwind of fun that surrounds those who choose the brand People