Press campaign “Parquet ti ostini?”

Main character 

Habitat Showroom, that belongs to the Lamberti Bigmat Group in Albenga. A centennial history in the sale of building materials, a solid landmark that now boasts the most comprehensive product range of the entire Liguria.

art direction, advertising, copywriting, graphic design
Release date 
2011 - present

The goal was to give a greater visibility to the Showroom, which supports and completes the offer of heavy building: 800 square meters of exhibition space dedicated to the sale of the interior finishing components such as floors, bathroom furniture, doors, stoves and fireplaces.

Our campaign proposal has been designed to highlight the offer in an unconventional way: we created a funny text whose key terms are clearly drawn from the lexical universe related to the house and its components.
We gave voice to a
Habitat consultant with a daily life indistinguishable from the professional experience. The outcome is a bubbly verbal divertissement given by assonance and wordplays.