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September 2013

Quality Group, a tour operator that collects 8 brands specialized in medium-high level tours with destinations in the 5 continents, involved sixeleven in the exciting restyling project of the corporate website www.qualitygroup.it that has allowed us, in a massively collaborative optical, to find out solutions that would respond to some specific needs: on one hand, the promotion and the information of a very heterogeneous Group; on the other one, the expectations of a target as much mixed.
The creative process and the structural work has followed a precise schedule that allowed all the stakeholders to always remain focused on the discussion. This way we made the contents consultation more simple and rational, also thanks to a more modern and intuitive graphics and with an eye always focused on improving the user experience.
From an aesthetic point of view, in fact, the weight given to the images allows to immediately communicate the comfortable and charming feel of an organized trip. On the home page, in particular, the emotions suggested by the wide photographs reveal the prestige of the destinations, while in the inside pages, where the priority is certainly given to the content, the specific information on the trips are organized by levels so that the visitors orientation can be highly semplified.

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