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Tips Theater is a web platform that collects reports, reviews and comments on theater performances in Italy.

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June 2016

sixeleven oversaw the complete redesign of the website, the sharing platform of theater reports and reviews. Given that it is mostly a public portal,we thought to realize a user interface focused on the users comments, which could give an experience easy to use, intuitive and accessible.

The layout is based on the material design, with "different heights" in the graphics according to the importance of the elements, and an alternation between large images in the pages of the shows and the use of "relaxed" spaces to make the reading easier.

The initial inspiration for the creation of the logo was the indication to depict the confrontation between two people as if they had just come out of a theater and they were exchanging opinions on the spectacle they had just witnessed. So, that's why the two initial T(ips) T(heater) were modeled to become two comic dialogue coming out of the stylized heads of the two ideals spectators.

tips theater
tips theater