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infographic, digital art, illustrazione, typography
Release date 
Luglio 2013

The project started almost for fun following the “imprint” theme that inspired the fifth edition of LOVnight in Vanchiglia (an annual borough party in Torino). The "imprint", concerning the Communication area, equals the written word. The written word is a font. We measure the creativity with the fonts every day: they’re the tools of our trade.
So, this assumption aroused our curiosity: if the fonts were people, what kind would they be?
Helvetica is more like a man or a woman? Times New Roman is kind of a middle-aged guy? What kind of music does a Bodoni prefer?

The survey was launched on the occasion of the LOVnight: the curious passers-by were asked to choose the preferred font among the six available and to complete a questionnaire about their preferences regarding music, cooking, reading. In return, we marked the participants with an exclusive water-tattoo with the double-meaning phrase "I have character" written in the font they chose.

Starting from the day after, the project has landed on the mini-site where, for a month, it had been possible to fill the questionnaire in, as well as watch and share the pictures of the evening, also published in the Gallery section.

immagine instagram
teaser poster
infographic - il progetto
infographic - helvetica
infographic - futura
infographic - comic sans
infographic - courier
infographic - bodoni
infographic - times new roman