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Opened in via Carlo Alberto, in the heart of Turin, TO'st is the brainchild of four business partners who come from the food industry and followed the recent trend that interprets the toast as an elaborate kind of street food.

art direction, branding, advertising, web
Release date 
December 2016

sixeleven followed the management of TO'st right from the beginning: from the creation of the visual identity up to the store layout, from the setting of the first social campaigns up to the naming.

Speaking of the naming, it was reached after a pretty articulated gestation, and then became one of the key aspects of the whole communication strategy, with the dual reference to the city of Turin and the term "street" that opens, in fact, to a possible expansion of the brand.

The graphics, however, simple and clean, recalls, along with the calligraphic type in use, the essential craftsmanship of the product, as well as the pastel tones are a clear reference to the naturalness of raw materials. Everything, then, was declined on store walls.

TO'st Torino