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Viaggidea Digital catalogs

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Viaggidea is the exclusive brand of Alpitour Group that offers travels and tailor made itineraries of the highest level.

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January 2017

Viaggidea, which is part of the Alpitour group, kicked off - with the digitalization process of their catalogs, the natural evolution of a tool that, as regards the travel industry, has always been and continues to be fundamental, both for agents and customers. The new product will complement the traditional paper with a reorganization of the content that, in perspective, will allow on one hand considerable savings on production and printing costs, and on the other will ensure a greater consultation agility thanks to the responsive realization.

The project includes, in particular, the creation of a new graphic design and the overall management of the transition through the "translation" of the existing content and through the ad hoc creation of new types of content.

The brand new digital catalogs Viaggidea then, in addition to keeping all the information which already are in the paper version, will give for the first time the opportunity to live a real immersion inside the proposed destination thanks to rich galleries of photos and video content, without the constraint of the consultation in a physical agency and the "weight" of a physical product. The road taken by the brand in fact allows the customers to choose their holiday and browse the catalog comfortably at home or any place they are. In addition, they can immediately compare the many exclusive Viaggidea plus, from tours with detailed descriptions up to the choice of the ideal type of holiday according to the itinerary, duration and budget chosen.

Viaggidea digital catalogs
Viaggidea digital catalogs
Viaggidea digital catalogs
Viaggidea digital catalogs