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Villaggi Bravo catalog - May / December 2017

Main character 

Villaggi Bravo is the Alpitour Group brand dedicated to a tourist who looks for a dynamic, fun holiday and all the benefits of an all inclusive tourist resort. Sport, good food, entertainment: the unmistakable Italian hospitality in the most enchanting places in the world.

layout, graphic design, art direction, content
Release date 
January 2017

sixeleven has followed the entire realization of the new Villaggi Bravo catalog - May/December 2017, from the concept and the shooting of the cover up to the updating of the content. In particular, the cover and the internal pages marked a significant transformation: from the pair of young protagonists of the previous versions towards a catalog where the ultimate symbol of the Italian beauty, Miss Italia 2016 Rachel Risaliti, leads the readers to the discovery of an exclusive proposal. She does this tearing the veil that hides the wonder of a Villaggi Bravo holiday, in order to introduce the client into that world and take him to the discovery of what awaits him: landscapes and dreamy treatments for a perfect holiday, of which the beauty of Rachel is an ideal representative.

In the elegance that characterizes the materiality of the packing, there is an echo of the recent presence in Italy of Christo and of one of his famous works of Land Art. Miss Italia takes the reader inside the whole presentation of the Villaggi Bravo philosophy interacting, in the images, with the background of the cover, symbol of surprise and infinite discovery.


Villaggi Bravo 2017
Villaggi Bravo 2017
Villaggi Bravo 2017
Villaggi Bravo 2017