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IPE s.r.l A prestigious Company that, over its fifty years history, has stated as a solid Italian interior design and luxury living leader. In 2004 the brand Visionnaire came to life with the aim of proposing a brand new concept of luxury furniture, more oriented towards fashion and lifestyle.

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Release date 
July 2014

The concept of the new Visionnaire website revolves around the promise itself of the brand: the Home Philosophy intended as a vocation towards the so-called “total look”, that is the commitment to customize every single detail in order to outline an overall lifestyle. In that sense, the interaction between the sections of the site marks a clear break with the past. The press collection, the art, the projects, up to the single products: nothing appears isolated, everything is designed to communicate with the other elements of the system.

The website has been designed with the aim of representing a working tool alternative to paper, in order to appear immediate and practical to all those users who browse it every day: customers, journalists, architects, dealers, agents. To do that, its implementation follows the criteria of responsiveness and guarantees an adaptability on all devices (widescreen, smartphone, tablets). Visionnaire-home.com is also the solution to the dispersion of information that was felt in the past, given by the fragmentation of contents often delegated to different online environments (the showcase website ipe.it, the one dedicated to the Visionnaire Design Gallery, the e-shop website, the one for the digital catalog) and that now, finally, flow into one virtual space.

In closing, beyond the modernity of the look&feel, we’ve made some strategic choices to give the brand the visibility and the value that its position requires. This explains, then, the content strategy behind the new Vision Mag - a magazine that tells the Visionnaire world as a gallery of narrative and emotional news- and the upgrading of the social features, derived from the possibility to share all the site contents on the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).