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Louder is an agency of events, marketing and communication that creates, plans and executes living marketing® strategies for leading brands in the Italian and international markets.

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April 2016

The company's goal was to place on the market with a new web presence, consistent with the company values ​​and able to transmit the growing authority of a reality that creates international projects. To lead the choices of the website concept redesign is the heart, logo of Louder and symbol of its philosophy and core business: events and emotional marketing that turn themselves into communication projects based on the direct involvement of the target, on the interactivity and on the effective participation to an action.

On the home page, then, we decided to use the logo to convey the concept of engagement: thanks to a feature developed in Javascript, the user has the possibility to choose through a cursor the main color of the various elements that make that compose the layout of the site, customizing this way the browsing experience.

An essential and impact layout at the same time, which aims to highlight the Louder portfolio emphasizing the main contents of the past events: emotional images, videos and big numbers that allow the users to instantly focus the features and the results of the project. Also important is the choice to have on the home page a strong appeal to the social channels of the agency: a showcase that outlines a much visual storytelling about the projects and the agency life, showing the daily routine of a young and dynamic team.


Louder website
Louder website
Louder website