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Website "Australia: prendila al volo!"

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Born in Turin in 1976 as a publishing house specialized in music, EDT is currently involved in different areas of publishing: music, various, kids and food. Since the early nineties it translates and publishes in Italian the Lonely Planet guides, absolut market leader and reference for independent travelers. There are about 200 titles in the catalog.

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February 2016

Lonely Planet Italia, in collaboration with South Australia and Singapore Airlines, entrust sixeleven with the realization of the website dedicated to the initiative "Australia: prendila al volo!". The operation aims to promote and give visibility to the offer of the two partners, giving the user an experience that could stimulate interactivity and then create engagement.

"Find out what kind of traveler you are" is the call to action that encourages visitors to test their skills by answering some questions of the test, which has as a main theme the Australia and takes its inspiration for the layout by the warm colors of the Outback (the internal areas of the country) and, regarding the content, by the many travel opportunities available. The user answers six questions to find out which traveler profile is closer to him (explorer, free spirit or metropolitan surfer). Then, he can share the result on social network, boosting the virality of the initiative.

After the test, the user is prompted to leave his email in order to benefit from exclusive opportunities: valuable travel advices through a personalized itinerary based on the profile obtained, the possibility to download for free the Lonely Planet guide and a special offer to fly with Singapore Airlines.

The project was realized on Laravel framework with an extensive use of CSS animations. This is obviously a responsive website, in order to guarantee an optimal experience regardless of the device used.



"Australia: prendila al volo!" - Lonely Planet Italia
"Australia: prendila al volo!" - Lonely Planet Italia
"Australia: prendila al volo!" - Lonely Planet Italia