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The Europe Jazz Network is a nonprofit, Europe-wide association of producers, presenters and support organizations that cooperate to enhance the identity and diversity of Jazz in Europe, for more than 30 years

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August 2017, official release @Lubjiana conference (September 24)

The Europe Jazz Network is a nonprofit entity which operates in the European wide territory to promote and support jazz as a cultural and educational force, through the development of opportunities for artists, organizations and audiences from different countries. After 30 past years of activity, the EJN decided to entrust sixeleven with the website restyle. The objective was the creation of a young and responsive look for it that could give the necessary information to the selected target, building a network of knowledge and experiences, both professional and engaging that encourages international exchanges.

The first step in the process was the identification of the site’s main weaknesses and points of improvement through a direct study of its users, to build a release that could precisely respond to its community needs and wants.

To this challenge of technology evolution sixeleven responded with a website redesign and a content management system studied to improve the macro-visibility of the website and the micro-visibility of its portal different activities, as to enlarge its user base.

Europe Jazz Network
Europe Jazz Network