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One of the largest shopping centers in Italy, Shopville Le Gru has been working for years on a philosophy that turns the usual concept of shopping center into a multifunctional area, like a real social, cultural and entertainment lab.

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February 2017

On the occasion of the twelfth edition of the Gru Village, the Piedmont summer festival organized and hosted by Le Gru Shopping Centersixeleven realized the website of the event. From the graphic point of view, the execution has been carried out by maintaining consistency with the brand identity of the festival but above all by immediately communicating its philosophy.

The website was developed on the Drupal open source platform and developed in a responsive mode for a perfect usability on all devices: computers, tablets and smartphones. The layout choosen is modular in order to activate certain content in a different way, depending on whether you are referring to the pre-festival phase or the current one.

Designed to maximize the user experience by gathering the information as clearly as possible, the website features all the key content within the home page.

GruVillage website
GruVillage website
GruVillage website