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EDT (Edizioni di Torino) is a publishing house founded in 1976, specialized in musicology, travel, and, most recently, in travel guides, books for children, and food. Since 1985 the house publishes il giornale della musica.

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Novembre 2017

il giornale della musica” is recognized to be an Italian reference point in the music information and culture world, for more than 30 years. The historical magazine had its first metamorphosis in 2015, when it became the first national portal dedicated to all kinds of music.

Today, sixeleven contributes to the evolution of the institution by signing a website that refines the previous version architecture. The development process consisted mainly in content migration, in building a Drupal CMS facility and in realizing a responsive version.

The current version, which is extremely user friendly, is finished through a new content structure: alongside the already existing News and Reviews areas, two sections have been introduced: “Articles”, which contains insights and interviews with the music world protagonists; “Reviews”, showing the audit of all the most interesting recordings, as well as a section entirely devoted to industry professionals with announcements of courses, seminars and more.

giornale della musica website
giornale della musica website