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XPLORE Tour Operator is a company founded in 2002 thanks to the intuition and the entrepreneurial spirit of two guys from Turin. It is specialized in outgoing tourism towards the United States. XPLORENEWYORK.it was the first project. In 2010 comes XPLOREAMERICA.it, embracing the entire United States. 2010 is the year of the third child, XPLORECANADA.it.

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Release date 
November 2015

The long brotherhood with XPLORE reiterates, with xploreamerica.it, the new course of the tour operator already undertaken, three years ago, with xplorenewyork.it, outlined by a more intuitive structure and an overall "visualattitude.

Even more space to the informative offering of the website, with a free tour guide divided by geographical areas and two new sections dedicated to the partnerships - Bookriders and Xplorers - that confirm the will of XPLORE to tell comprehensively the experience of a trip to the States, and not of merely suggest it.

So, this is why the trips theirselves become, at this point, real protagonists, thanks to a use facilitated by the navigation by maps (present in three different sections: tours, rentals and tour guide) and by the coloring system of the areas, which, creating a real ideal path, allows the users to immediately identify the reference sections also in the internal pages of the site.