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The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security.

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Starting from May 2015

Starting from 2015, World Food Programme has involved sixeleven in a truly inspiring project: the creation (design and development) of annual reports in the form of dynamic scroll pages animated in parallax that illustrate the results achieved by the organization, in order to make them accessible to the public and in particular to the main players in the humanitarian sector. They are not, of course, a mere display of data, but structured documents that testify the commitment of the key players involved and the methods used to improve the performance and the response time in emergency situations. The stylistic choices, however, have been determined by the need to have a functional product that is also able to emotionally sensitize the readers.

  • Annual Report 2014

The project has been developed, as well as the following reports, exclusively with client side technologies (HTML, JS, CSS, SVG) in order to allow the hosting on the official CDN of WFP and to maximize the performance. Most of the graphic elements have been implemented using SVG to obtain a minimum total weight of all resources and, at the same time, graphics at the highest possible resolution also on high-density screens. The result is a release that chooses infographics to streamline the complexity of numerical data, creating an institutional and elegant look & feel. 

  • Year in Review 2015

Following the visual storytelling strategies, but in accordance with WFP branding guidelinessixeleven stabilizes the narrative structure of the Report 2014 by introducing suggestive photographs taken from the organization archive in order to accompany and reinforce the message expressed by the data, presented in the form of infographics and made user friendly thanks to the use of transitions and animations. In the use of images, the choice of some effects, such as double exposure, has also allowed us to make a greater impact on the sections that we wanted to give a particular visibility to.

  • WFP in Syria - Year in Review 2016

Entirely focused on the interventions of the World Food Program in Syria since the beginning of conflicts, the report adds to the characteristics and features of previous issue more attention to the structure of the story, now enhanced with audio and video content. In addition, the introduction of the stories, real pages of testimony marked by a dedicated layout, or visual solutions such as double exposure, represents a real leap forward in the whole storytelling system.

WFP Annual report 2014
WFP Year in Review 2015
WFP Year in Review 2016
WFP Year in Review 2016 - Story page